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Don Allen

For over three decades, Don Allen has impacted the national beauty landscape. Innovative cuts, premium hair products and a unique salon concept define Don Allen as a pioneering businessman. But it is the allure of his professionalism—his photography and lifestyle are routinely chronicled in major beauty, fashion and lifestyle publications—that elevates his reputation to that of a consumate professional at the highest level.


Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, Don Allen rapidly rose through the beauty ranks by training with a roster of notable international hairdressers. Early on, Don Allen's revolutionary approach to hair was clear. Instead of performing one "signature cut," Don Allen became a master of customization. His philosophy? Focus on the individual. After observing a client, Don Allen would design a style that maximized his/her attributes and enhanced the "total look."


By 1986, Don Allen's modern cuts caught the attention of local and national celebrities and he opened his first salon in Indianapolis, Indiana resulting in major accolades of the community. Don Allen's Hair Care Salon  became an instant mecca for social swans and celebrities—and the extraordinary customer service set a new benchmark for hair care, launching Don Allen as a major player in the beauty industry.


Don Allen decided to extend the "Don Allen Experience" from his salon into clients' homes with scientifically advanced products designed to rejuvenate different hair types. The first collection debuted in 1993, delighting women and men who craved high performance products that addressed their individual concerns. Today, the Don Allen product line remains a category headliner-

the ultimate in luxury hair care. 


A roster of celebrity clientele, explosive press and an award-winning product line and red-hot hair styles transformed Don Allen from red-hot hairdresser to a luxury lifestyle brand by 1995. By 2012, Allen expanded the product lineup and salon business that exuded his specific brand of effortless style. Don Allen's Hair Care Salon continually services thousands of clients annually.

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